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I use SG Products because Sargent & Greenleaf , a Stanley Security Solutions company, is a world leader in medium and high security locks and locking systems for safes and vaults. Since 1857, Sargent and Greenleaf's innovations have resulted in the industry's largest selection of mechanical combination locks, electronic safe locks, vault locks, time locks and specialty safe-locking solutions. We listen to and understand our customers' needs and respond with the most pioneering, quality-driven security products to meet U.S. and international demands.


IMG Model 6630
The 6630 is a UL Listed Group 2M lock, which indicates it has a moderate level of resistance to expert manipulation. It's high quality construction includes three brass and aluminum combination wheels and a brass roller lever. The lock conforms to S&G's Magic Module¨ footprint for ease of mounting. 


Model 6120

Biometric Keypad -
The Biometric Keypad brings the security and convenience of advanced fingerprint lock operation to the 6120, 6123, and Z02 electronic lock models. Available in brass, chrome, and 24-karat gold plate.


Titan Pivotbolt Titan Pivotbolt
Titan is our new electronic lock family that incorporates a completely new motor blocking design. Available in Direct Drive and PivotBolt models, Titan is listed by UL®, VdS and other agencies for worldwide application.

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