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  • SLB (Monday, September 25 17 09:39 am EDT)

    We have used Darrell's service many times. Very satisfied!!

  • Ida H. (Saturday, September 23 17 05:12 pm EDT)

    Fast and efficient service! He was at my house within 30 minutes after calling. Super reasonable flat rate fee. I highly recommend him!

  • Sharon McLaurin (Tuesday, May 16 17 11:22 am EDT)

    Thank you so much for your fast service as we were locked out of Rv and auto. We were able to continue our vacation quick because of you.

    Great personality, no stress.

  • Sammy (Monday, January 09 17 12:01 pm EST)

    AMAZING! Darrell's team is just amazing. Always friendly, professional and very quick to respond. I have used them at every company / property I managed and have never been over sold. They are priced well and quality is always excellent.

  • Terrie (Saturday, November 12 16 03:34 pm EST)

    Couldn't have asked for quicker and better service!

  • Lorraine (Saturday, September 10 16 02:12 pm EDT)

    Fantastic, professional service! Darrell arrived quickly, even though it was not an emergency. He was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and his fee was very reasonable. No extra charges for coming
    out on the weekend either! I am very pleased and would highly recommend!

  • Nokomis Inn (Sunday, August 07 16 10:30 pm EDT)

    I own two hotels and was extremely happy with the service I was provided. It was prompt, professional and courteous.

  • Linda (Tuesday, June 21 16 10:02 am EDT)

    Fantastic service! Very responsive (on site less than 20 minutes after call) very courteous, helpful and patient. I highly recommend!

  • Jesse Hubbard (Monday, June 20 16 10:13 am EDT)

    We had great service and a great locksmith come to service our issue. Was on time and very professional, thanks for the great service.

  • Kurt (Thursday, April 21 16 03:37 pm EDT)

    Great Service! Fair, reliable and quick! I highly recommend them if you are in Sarasota County and in a jam.

  • Sandy (Friday, March 04 16 09:09 pm EST)

    Keith came in just a few minutes. It did not take him long to get my difficult lock on my trunk open he told me that the trunk fixture needed to be replaced. I thanked him for getting my trunk open
    so I could get all my things out of my trunk that I needed. Great
    Service and would recommend them highly to anyone.

  • Roland C (Wednesday, January 27 16 08:13 pm EST)

    (Monday Jan 18, 2016)
    We left our RV at Sun N' Fun and went to dinner, upon our return our key would not open the door to our RV.I called Darrell and he responded within a very short period of time. He able to enter via a
    second door(Key to door inside RV) and took the problematic lock apart and immediately fixed the problem. He was very knowledgeable, professional and a very nice person. I recommend him to any and

  • Tiffany J (Sunday, January 10 16 04:10 pm EST)

    I am really embarassed to admit this and probably would have changed my story on here but its a crucial part of my review! today my 16 month old son and I were sitting in my car in the yard while I
    was cleaning it out. He was in the front seat playing with a toy and i shut the other door and went around to get him, not realizing somehow he locked the car. My baby was now locked in the car with
    the keys. I was hysterical and about to break the window and my husband called Darrells Locksmith to see how quickly he could arrive. He made it to our home in 15 minutes and even called on his way
    to update us on his whereabouts and ensure I was remaining calm. He flew out of the van and worked feverishly to get my baby out. He unlocked it immediatly and i grabbed my son hugging him tighter
    than ever. He didnt make me feel embarassed our ashamed (which i was anyway) he just wanted to make sure we were ok. He worked with an urgency as though it was his own child and his rate was much
    lower than we expected! I will forever be greatful to this skilled locksmith for rescuing my boy in record time!

  • Rich (Monday, December 21 15 12:55 pm EST)

    Darrell was prompt, personable and professional. He did a great job installing and re-keying all locks in my house, including glass sliders. Would recommend him to all!

  • Jerry Thomson (Thursday, December 17 15 10:28 am EST)

    Darrel saved us a service fee by taking the time to call us after we told him problem with our lock and give us a remedy.

  • Dr. Stephen Covert (Saturday, November 21 15 11:39 am EST)

    Kevin was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and expertly provided the work required! I highly recommend Darrell's Locksmith!

  • Eddie (Monday, September 07 15 07:03 pm EDT)

    Labor day and just going to get gas and pop into Walgreen's. Opps, forgot my cell phone. No problem-not going far. Twenty minutes later, errands taken care of and back to the apartment. What's this?
    Home inspecter van parked in the guest spot, and two men standing near my front porch. Wondering what's going on, I park and go through the routine of getting out of the car and pushing the lock
    button. Wait...did i turn off the car before locking it or did the home inspectors throw my routine off? My lights are on, the motors running and the cars locked. All my keys inside the car. One of
    the home inspectors called a locksmith his smart phone recommended. About a half hour here comes Darrell. A happy guy who makes you not feel so bad for being such a clutz. Darrell was there less than
    ten minutes, charged me less than a tankn of gas, and certainly improved my mood. Too make a long story longer, I would not hesitate to urge my friends to use Darrell's Locksmith for all your lock
    problems. My neighbor now has his business card...she was impressed also...

  • Joseph (Monday, August 10 15 12:28 pm EDT)

    Darrell's Locksmith Service is terrific! We called on a Sunday night and within 30 minutes Darrell arrived and in no time solved our problem! His service is extremely professional, prompt, and
    courteous. Highly recommend his business.

  • Carolyn (Friday, July 31 15 10:29 am EDT)

    Great service and friendly! He re-keyed my locks on the same day I called him. Fast and professional! Thank you!

  • Judi (Sunday, June 21 15 10:33 pm EDT)

    Locked my keys in the car and Darrell came to the rescue. Fast, friendly, courteous, fantastic! I really hope I don't lock myself out again, but if it ever happens again it's good to know this local
    businessman is around. Highly recommend!

  • Kathleen (Sunday, June 21 15 09:03 pm EDT)

    Unbelievably quick and extremely courteous service!
    Early Sunday Morning after a really nice walk, I locked my keys in my car and it was Darrell to the rescue! Top notch service, I will never call anyone else for any key or lock needs - Darrell's the

  • Greg & Jackie Karazulas (Monday, April 20 15 05:15 pm EDT)

    Fast and professional service. We thought we needed all new locks in our vape shop on Siesta Drive, but Darrell showed us how to improve on what we had and re-key the existing locks and saved us a
    bunch of money. We highly recommend to our customers and anyone looking for an honest and professional locksmith! Thanks Darrell.

  • Don L (Monday, March 30 15 10:41 am EDT)

    Had to install a remote keypad lock on a new property in Sarasota. I was lucky to find the right person for the job. Darrell & Keith were great! Found a solution for my type of installation- were
    prompt, friendly & efficient! I highly recommend them for all your locksmith needs!

  • Carol LaRose (Sunday, March 01 15 06:10 pm EST)

    Darrell is the best - arrived in record time and changed three locks in short order! Prices are more than fair and he is charming! Would never call anyone else!

  • Kelley Hannan (Friday, February 20 15 03:57 pm EST)

    Thanks Darrell-you were awesome! Fast and reasonable. A great guy as well!

  • Ashley (Monday, January 05 15 10:23 pm EST)

    Darrell worked so hard getting my difficult car unlocked. He didn't give up, he was determined to help! Very professional and kind. Thank you!

  • Barbara (Monday, December 29 14 11:56 pm EST)

    I have used Darrell on two separate occasions to repair and replace some locks on my rental condo. He always responds quickly and takes care of things in a timely fashion. His work is top notch and
    he is very friendly too. Highly recommend Darrell!

  • Ruben Bake (Thursday, November 20 14 07:28 am EST)

    Darrell re-keyed 4 locks for us. Responded quickly and did a great job! Would recommend him anytime

  • Bob and Judy Benfari (Saturday, October 11 14 08:25 pm EDT)

    Darrell took care of 2 key resets for us and took care of getting some old Baldwin locks to work. Offered good expert advise about replacing old Baldwin lock sets. Very pleasant and helpful! We
    called him because he has excellent reviews and he really knows his stuff. Very helpful and goes the extra mile to get everything to work the way it should. Would highly recommend. I know we will
    call Darrell again should we need locks installed or replaced. Price was very fair for the work he did. Glad we called him.

  • Kristie (Saturday, September 27 14 05:57 pm EDT)

    I highly recommend Darrell's Locksmith. He was very friendly and efficient! I didn't have to wait long for him to arrive or to get the door open. Would definitely use his service again if needed!

  • Denise O'Connor (Tuesday, September 09 14 07:40 pm EDT)

    Greetings, all!
    I called Darrell today at 2:15pm and asked if he could change the lock this afternoon on a house I bought yesterday.
    Darrell was at my new house just 2 hours later. Same day service! Unheard of these days!
    Thank you, Darrell; I can rest easy now..

  • Anne Thomassen (Tuesday, August 05 14 01:17 pm EDT)

    Quick, efficient, good prices, and a very nice person to deal with.

  • Lisa J (Tuesday, July 29 14 08:50 pm EDT)

    Quick, professional & friendly service. Darryl had me back in my home within 10 minutes of his arrival. Hopefully, I'll never lock myself out again, but should it happen - I'd definitely contact
    him and would recommend his services.

  • McCuryds Comedy Theatre (Friday, June 06 14 07:48 pm EDT)

    Great Service. Friendly and professional

  • Cheri Williamson (Friday, June 06 14 02:19 pm EDT)

    I called Darrell. He was on his way to a job and would be passing by my house to get there. Said he'd stop in and take care of me "really quick". He arrived in maybe 5 minutes, did two re-keys and
    was gone in less than 10 minutes. That's got to be a service record. He was great and the price was right. Thanks!!!

  • Sue (Sunday, May 25 14 10:04 pm EDT)

    Would highly recommend Darrell. Showed up in 20 minutes on a holiday to get me into my home. He didn't overcharge like some other locksmiths were going to do. A nice, respectable, conscientious and
    capable locksmith. *****

  • Isaac B. (Wednesday, April 16 14 10:51 pm EDT)

    Excellent customer service. Responsive and courteous. Solved the problem, fixed the lock permanently and at a great price. Thank you!

  • Paula (Thursday, April 10 14 11:07 am EDT)

    Darrell works with us on our foreclosure properties, so we need him last minute most of the time. He always makes time for us and can almost always get to us the same day. He is friendly, extremely
    knowledgeable and reliable. We would recommend him to anyone in need of a trustworthy locksmith.

  • Kim & Bonnie (Monday, April 07 14 04:58 pm EDT)

    Darrell came out today and rekeyed 5 locks on 3 doors, doing so very professionally and in a most timely manner. Charge was more than fair. Darrell is friendly, professional, informative, and just
    plain excellent to work with. We definitely will keep his phone # and recommend him highly to everyone and anyone we can. Thanks Darrell. Job well done!

  • Molly (Friday, April 04 14 04:52 pm EDT)

    Darrell came out to our house today and rekeyed 10 locks and got us out of jam (3 year old locked us out of a bathroom) for a very reasonable price. He has a great personality and was very pleasant
    to work with. We so appreciate everything he did and I would highly recommend him to others.

    Thanks Darrell!

  • Lee Wolfson (Tuesday, April 01 14 05:05 pm EDT)

    Locked my keys in a commercial truck call Darlle's Locksmith he was there within 20 minutes great service unknowledgeable had the right tools. Five *. Lee's Ice

  • Linda Coffman (Saturday, March 29 14 06:17 pm EDT)

    Showed up within 30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. Very knowledgeable, experienced and professional. Was nice enough to explain exactly what was wrong with the locks. Was a pleasure doing business
    with. Reasonably priced.

  • Donna T (Wednesday, February 12 14 01:56 pm EST)

    Called Darrell late afternoon after returning to my house to find it had been broken into.
    He showed up 15 minutes later. Worked over 2 hours changing out the locks on an old rotted out wood door.
    He did an excellent job; was very professional and very reasonable. I would highly recommend him. You can trust Darrell. Thank you again Darrell.

  • Anonymous (Thursday, February 06 14 04:24 pm EST)

    I should have written this comment about a year ago am sorry it has taken so long. My wife and I were with our 2 year old shopping one day and my wife had to run back into the store while I was
    putting our daughter in her car seat. Long story short I locked her in the seat, got out of the car and accidentally locked the keys in the car with my daughter securely in her seat. Stayed calm and
    with Iphone in hand I found Darrell and he raced to my car and unlocked it in 20 minutes. I thnk the drive should have taken 40 mins ..luckly it was a cool and cloudy day. I Thanks Darrell everyday
    by making sure my keys are in hand when I close the door to the car. Thank You

  • TK (Saturday, December 28 13 06:16 pm EST)

    Highly recommend his service to anyone. Wonderful customer service, fast, reliable, great and fair price.

  • Debbie Crews (Saturday, December 21 13 11:16 pm EST)

    Thank you so much for the quick rescue on a very busy day!

  • Edgar & Penelope (Tuesday, October 15 13 12:40 pm EDT)

    After locking ourselves out while still in our pyjama's, Darrell was quick to respond. Great friendly service at a resonalble price. THANK YOU DARRELL

  • T Eipper (Thursday, September 26 13 08:40 pm EDT)

    Darrell was superb! Responsive, timely, very nice and very fair. He's my locksmith from now on. Thank you Darrell!

  • J Noland/H Glynn (Monday, September 23 13 09:20 pm EDT)

    I would highly recommend his service to anyone. Darrell was prompt, courteous, thorough and utmost professional. I hate to say but his pricing was the best for a Saturday evening after 5 p.m. This
    gentleman deserves your business.

  • Janics (Monday, September 23 13 08:35 pm EDT)

    Very courteous, prompt, great pricing with a can do attitude! On a Saturday evening after 5pm! Would recommend five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rachel M reviewed 10/11/12 3 weeks ago

Quality Excellent
great and fast service.very nice and cheaper than others in town. great guy.great experience !

Unbelievable proffessional service. My son broke our door handle and we drove around with it like that for about a year. I ran into Darryll and in a day he had a new handle ordered and put into my car. Asking my wife to do the Dukes of Hazzard and go through the window didnt go very far. Thanks Darryll. Call Darryll for anything lock or door related

 Sep 1, 2012

by anonymous

Very quick and efficient. Darrell was professinal with unlocking my car as well as spending extra helping look for my keys. Excellent servIce and price for a Saturday night call. From: Texas!!


  • Kristin S.

Sarasota, FL

Prompt, VERY EFFICIENT, friendly, and well priced.  I was pleasantly surprised that he also accepts credit cards on site, he simply swiped it on his cell phone, no messing with cash!


Posted on 06/19/12

Darrell was very prompt, helpful, and accommodating to replace our lock. An honest guy with honest prices. Very nice local business man. 

by J  5/8/12

I highly recommend darrells locksmith service. He was very prompt helpful and very very friendly not to mention his prices are very reasonable. Help this local guy out and I promise if you use him once you will not use anyone else

Betsy ‎ - Apr 12, 2012

I manage rental properties and Darrel has been responsive, professional and very trustworthy. If I'm in a jam- he's the man!

 susieg ‎ - Feb 21, 2012

Darrell's great and so nice! My front door was open in 10 minutes from the time I called! And that's a really great price! Thanks Darrell!

 Charles ‎ - Feb 10, 2012

I got a call from my wife saying that she could not get her cars ignition key to turn in the lock. We wanted a locally owned and operated business. So, I Googled Sarasota Locksmiths and Darrell's number came up. Darrell responded in a very timely manor and the problem was resolved.

 KBC :) ‎ - Jan 26, 2012

It was so hard to find an actual local locksmith online. Darrell and his wife are very nice! Came over on a Sunday to fix my broken door lock as well as tune up a few others and give me helpful advice. I would DEFINITELY recommend! :)

By Terry

 I highly recommend Darrell. I called him about installing a keyless lock on my front door. Before he even came to my home he did extensive research on what would work best. After coming by to look at my door, he ordered what I needed. He came to do the install and was neat and took his time. When he re-keyed my other doors, he tightened up the loose bolts etc left behind the last time we had our locks re-keyed. If you need a locksmith in Sarasota, don't waste your time or money with anyone else. Call Darrell, you won't be disappointed!

   Andrew ‎ - Nov 19, 2011

Got locked out of my house, and googled locksmiths. The first one that game back was showing an address right next door to me: So I walked next door and the address listed turned out to be abandoned office space. So I called the number listed, and the guy that answered the phone said he could be there in 40 minutes. I told him I was standing outside of his 'office' and that it was empty. I hung up on him and ended up getting in touch with Darrell. He said he would be there in 15 minutes, and was there in 10! Not only did he get me in my house, but also ran me to the ATM so I could pay him. Plus he did some preventative care on my locks as well for free. Cannot recommend him enough! Thanks Darrell!

Kbh ‎ - Jun 27, 2011

Locked my keys in my car just before we were leaving for Busch gardens (6 anxious kids) there in 20 min!!!! We were on our way! Thanks Darrell!

Liked: Fast!!!

by michael
 Darrell is a true American.Hard working and Honest.Yes still a few left.

Mark ‎ - Mar 17, 2011

Called Darrell today after locking my keys in my trunk, he arrived not long after and after an arduous struggle with a confounding lock his can do attitude got me and my car back on the way to work for a fair price. Highly recommend

by Ivan
 Fantastic service! I called him on Sunday at 12:30 pm and he arrived at 2:00, changed all 5 locks in under an hour. Fantastic service and nice guy. Will use him again in the future!

 Darrell saved my husbands behind after he locked BOTH set's of keys in our new minivan. Darrell was out within 40 minutes. He is professional, courteous and very reasonably priced!
 If you need a locksmith, Darrell is your man!

by Jon
 Just had this man replace all the locks in my house.

Outstanding attention to detail. He replaced 6 different locks and would not stop working on anyone of them until he was satisfied that they were perfect.
He arrived when he said he would. He was professional and outstanding at his craft. He had everything thing that he needed in his truck to complete the 6 different locks that I had installed and left nothing undone.
I cannot give a higher review.

by Terri
 I would definitely recommend Darrell's Locksmith to anyone. He was very prompt and efficient and reasonable!

 Prompt, efficient, pleasant and reasonably priced.


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